Modern ConcreteBy The AncientRoman Formula

An important achievement of Ancient Rome was the creation of concrete: a perfect combination of art and technology. By reinventing the old Roman formula and combining it with new technology, we are able to provide a key for building modern concrete spaces with a taste of tradition. We produce flexible concrete rolls for interior coating as well as concrete paste for floors and facades. This website contains an inspirational gallery of some of the best solutions in the world, which you can recreate with our inventions.


“Les styles sont un mensonges. Une Maison est une machine à habiter”, affirmed Le Corbusier in his volume Vers Une Architecture. That is where Flexibilize Neutra comes from: flexible rolls of exposed concrete in uniform tones of grey. Thanks to the ruggedness of this modern Beton Brut and its capacity to reflect light in a natural way, Flexibilize Neutra generates beauty in a completely unselfconscious way helping to create environments where light, order and space merge together to generate a perfection which simply eternal.


In Shadow Collection stains and discolors reproduce the natural aging of concrete delivering to the architect a three-dimensional canvas where he can freely play to give form to big and silent spaces. As Louis Kahn claimed, in fact, the potential of light could only be revealed using shadow. The Tadao Ando’s Church of Light, the Zumthor’s Therme Vals and the Scarpa’s Brion Cemetery are the most eloquent witnesses of this theory using shadow to evoke silence and awe, allowing the observer relive an entire century in once glance.


Corten Steel was used to make the largest steel sculpture in Europe. Flexibilize Iron collection is a flexible concrete sheet created by the natural oxidation of iron and obtained through artisanal processes. We offer three different Irons: Rusty, Copper and Corten. Designed for the lining of interior walls, Flexibilize Iron can be used to coat any kind of furnishing. The architect can play with rolls and objects: highlighting the seam; using inserts and nails to personalize his project and build a modern Iron environment.


Color in antiquity was used to cover surfaces, defining the identity of spaces, differentiated on the basis of their function, but also to respond to perceptive needs as a whole. The chromatic variety of the Colosseum testified to this, allowing every individual to find a chromatic “place” of sympathy. Colors can sustain the man by producing well-being. Flexibilize Color offers every architect the possibility to create spaces where ergonomy, form and chromaticity sustain and harmonize with the nature of human activity.


Travertine was used by Romans to cover the facades of their buildings such as the Colosseum. Lasting over time, travertine demonstrated an amazing ability to adapt itself to the style of every age. Reinterpreting travertine is the inspiration of our Flexibilize Stone Collection. Technology and innovation give us the possibility to offer this material in flexible rolls that can be used in any Interior Design project to create unique and high-class environments. Flexibilize Stone is the perfect balance between Classic and Modern Design.


“Wood seems firm, but is subjected to internal pressures that slowly breaks it. Ceramic breaks, immediately showing its broken pieces. Wood doesn’t, as long as it can conceal, it lets itself be tortured but it does not confess. I am made of wood”, Giulia Carcasi affirmed. From the Roman technique of the wooden formwork is born the Boardform collection: through a process of patterning concrete we leave the grain of the wood (fiber and knots) on the finished face of the concrete rolls that can be used to create a natural and modern environment.


Many mosaics of Ancient Rome were rich in black and white shapes and geometric patterns. Broken lines, triangles or circles, rhombuses or squares juxtaposed or repeated in a modular composition, were arranged in various kinds of patterns. The beauty of these rolls, the estreme attention to detail, and a constant dialogue between the contemporary and codes linked to tradition give life to a new hybrid future, putting culture, craftsmanship and territorialità at the service of the architect in a completely Italian way.


Fabrics played an important role in interior decoration and materials have evolved over time as evidenced by the Bizzarre Design of Marot and Lehman and the Morris’ works. The most recent evolution of this art, half way between craftsmanship and artistic representation, is our Flexibilize Textile. The rolls are inspired by typical textile decorations which are then applied on embossed concrete. From traditional techniques are born 10 different models: three-dimensional surfaces defined to explore with both hands and eyes.

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